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Reading and reviewing soon

Some of my book chatter has appeared in the Indie Author Monthly Magazine September issue, so get it free on the Magster distribution service.

Reading now: Special Agent Mauve 2 (46% done), Dracula (for research, don't ask)

This is the rest of the review waiting list: Inevitable Ascension, Terraforming Earth Phase 1, Perax Frontier, The Mirror in my Dorm Room, Temptation & Mozzarella, Matters Arising From the Identification of the Body, Lockheed Elite, Disconnected, Nasa's 1st Mission to Mars - why bother?, All These Worlds, Double Life, The Renewal, The University of Corporeal and Ethereal Studies, The Cosmic Bullet, Everything I need to Save my Friend and Doom the Universe, Girl From Above 1, Transmit, Philia, Star Rebels, Trust in Axion, An Obliquity, Tranceworks, Drone Man, The New Earth Book 1, The Memory Caves, Hemisphere, Gravlander, Birth or the Exquisite Sound of One Hand Falling off a Turnip Truck, Beyond the Milky Way, Return to Earth, India was One, Water into Wi…

Latest posts

The Twisted Galaxy, by Michael L. Lewis - 4 Stars

Bulwark, by Brit Lunden (Radish format) - 5 Stars

Shrugg 1 Mile, by G.A. Schindler - 4 Stars

How to Remove a Brain, by David Haviland - 4 Stars

J.O.E. Just an Ordinary Earthling, by Edward Szynalski - 4 Stars

A Moment in Sci-Fi, by D. Pierce Williams

Bitter Lemmings, by Tom Holt - 3 Stars

The Wolfe Experiment, by R.W. Adams - 5 Stars

Lady Ruth Constance Chapelstone and the Clockwork Suitor, by L.C. Mawson - 3.5 Stars

The Happy Chip, by Dennis Meredith - 4 Stars