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Gravlander, by Erik Wecks - 3.5 Stars

There weren’t many reviews of this when I received an electronic copy, ages ago, and the star ratings were radically polarised. To avoid influence I don’t look at reviews before reading a book, but did wonder which side I would end up on. Then mid-2017 drifted into early 2018 and I can see a few more ratings for the paperback version have since been registered. As it transpires, my assessment drops in the middle, putting the novel at about a healthy 3.5. This story was unfairly over-criticised by some, in my opinion, and is definitely worth reading if you like full length sci-fi adventure series. I liked it but wasn’t bowled over. However, this novel is just one component in a fuller saga, so I can see that my opinion is out of context and a bit like reviewing Rebel One or maybe Voyager and knowing nothing else about the series.
The good aspects are the varied locations used for the scenes, adapting and co-operating with species who have ingrained behavioural opposition to humans, th…

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